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Oriel delivers a significantly fashionable collection for covering massive widths that link interior with outdoor. These stunning Lift and Slide doors slide back and forward on smooth flow rollers, with little or no effort, and supply wealthy broad views through its spacious glass panels that come without any barriers. exceptionally smooth to work, lift & Slide allows for seamless incorporation of living or operating environments into the encircling nature, with almost no barriers, providing you with a way of surprisingly wide areas.

Lift & Slide Doors
Features & Benefits

  • Trendy and stylish
  • Simple effortless operation
  • Large glass panes without dividers for clean and unobstructed view
  • Room looks more spacious and wider
  • Extremely low doorsill for hurdle free connection to the outside
  • Large scale glazing allows ample light and brighten ups the room

Recommended For

  • Balconies, Villas, Luxury Bungalows and Large Openings

Casement Doors

Casement door features one sash that's hinged from the side onto a frame and can be opened on either side.

Bi-Fold Doors

Its a new-generation doors, designed for big openings, joins multiple sashes in a very distinctive slide and fold mechanism.

Sliding Doors

Slider doors can be built wider and taller with the addition of panels to make most of the space.


When You Connect

Once you are connected with our sales professionals, we will setup a meeting at your home, office or at site where the products installation is required.

Professional Installation

Oriel windows offer a world class installation service to our customers. Team of installation specialists will complete their work carefully and efficiently, leaving your home spotless.

Customer Service

At Oriel, we don’t believe in just selling the products. We know how important great customer service is, especially when work is being carried out on your home.